What is a landing page?


landing page

What is a landing page?

Landing page is a special website creating mostly for lead generation. If you don’t know, what lead generation is, read this! Lead Generation. By the way, the picture above is my website. Check it out: SEO Services. Most visitors see it after clicking on an online ads e.g. Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads etc., which is part of digital marketing. This website doesn’t have much information. Only the most necessary information like your advantages you will get by filling out the contact details. In this example it is getting more traffic, leads or sales as an offer. Other landing pages offer free ebooks, podcasts, courses, guides, cheat sheets, webinars, trial software etc. Another feature is, that it has a call to action button. In this example, it is „Get a quote“. Other call to action buttons can be „Submit your property“, „Get started“, „Subscribe“, „Make an appointment“ etc.

So all in all a website is to inform for example about their services, how many staffs they have, about their history, testimonials etc. So it is more about information. A landing page is specially designed for lead generation. To get contact details from you in exchange for nice incentives.

Conversion rate

The number one key performance indicator is the conversion rate. Conversions mean, that someone clicked on the call to action button for example to request a quote, to sign for the newsletter etc. The conversion rate is the percentage of the amount of the web visitor clicking on the CTA button out of the total number of web visitors. A typical conversion rate is about 2% to 5%. A low conversion rate can mean, that what you offer is not appealing enough. The design of the landing page is not intuitive or just simply you didn’t target the right group.

A/B test

One of the best way to increase your conversion rate, is to do A/B testing also known as split testing. A term from the web development, which is kind of out of topic, because it has nothing to do with marketing, but never mind, it is digital marketing. Don’t forget about that. A/B test is showing your web visitors 2 versions of your landing page to see, which one of them has a higher conversion rate. The 2 version can have different texts, pictures, call to action buttons etc. For example you can find out, whether a red logo converts more than a blue logo or the call to action button should be below the picture or next picture.

The big advantage is, that investing in A/B tests give you more leads than increasing the budget for paid traffic, which is money saving and effective. When you run the A/B test, having a look at the bounce rate is also a good indicator, whether your design is appealing enough. To be able to get a reliable conclusion, you should have enough traffic, which shouldn’t be a problem for ppc campaigns. Besides running the variation with 302 temporary redirect, so that it won’t have impact on SEO. A wine company could increase 200% of conversions! A good A/B test tool is Google Optimize.

That was basically it about landing pages. I hope, you like it. To stay up to date. Just like my Facebook Fanpage: The Doan’s Blog. If you want to know, how to get sustainable traffic, read this: What is SEO? My most popular blog article: International money.

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