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War Robots

Normally, I do not write about videogames like War Robots, but today is an exception. Now, it is even my favorite mobile game ever. So after work or during day offs or in my free time in general, if I don’t know, what to do, I often play with my ……… smartphone :D. A nice way to entertain myself and distraction from stress. Besides, while playing this videogame, I often times listen to some business podcasts for example The Smart Passive Income, which means, I’m still kind of productive, while enjoying my life a little bit. So if you want to play with your …… smartphone 😀 too, consider this game. I’m at the Champions League, so I went through the game pretty much. I can give you some tips and tricks along the way. At the end of this article, there is also a video, so that you can see the game in action.

war robots google search
Screenshot from Google Search War Robots on December 2019

War Robots is a mobile game, which is released on 14th April 2014 and now it is one of the top mobile games with almost 4 million positive votes on Google Play Store with the average rating of 4.4 out of 5 and over 300 000 positive votes on iOS App Store with the average rating of 4.7 out of 5. The app itself is free. It is based on freemium model meaning, you can pay, if you want to get better fast. This will be more likely the case, if you are impatient. You can win matches anyways, if you spend enough time playing this video game. There is also a huge community on Facebook Groups and Subreddit, where you can discuss and exchange experiences, which is quite nice.

war robots
War Robots

There are about 55 war robots to buy with silver or gold. In more advanced levels, you only can build them with silver. You as players are also called commanders. As a commander, you begin with level 1. The more you, the more points, you will get to increase your level all the way up to level 30. The higher your level is, the better war robots you can buy. As for now, one of the strongest war robots is Falcon and Fenrir and the strongest one is Leech. Since this month, new war robots are introduced, who are called Titans. These are war robots with special weapons and are also stronger than average war robots. They are also bigger and can only be bought with Platinum and there are only 3 different Titans. The basics traits of war robots are health and speed. My strongest war robot right now Falcon with almost 350 000 health points and its speed is up to 50km/h. Many war robots have also special skills. The Falcon has a 60% damage reduction, so it is almost impossible to destroy it on a 1:1 match. My tip is to buy Falcon once you reach a certain level, because it does not cost much to build it in the workshop and it is also not that costly and time consuming to level it up. For example, if you want to max out Fenrir, it will cost about 170 million silver and it takes about 34 days, whereas Falcon takes 135 million silver and 30 days. Besides, you would need only 25 million silver to produce it, whereas Fenrir would need almost 50 million silver. Every day you can get about 1 million silver depending on your level. Both war robots are almost equally strong, but you can save a lot of silver and some time.

war robots
War Robots Pilots

A few months ago, Pixonic just started Pilots. So every war robot can have a pilot. Every pilots are pretty much the same. They adapt the skills to each individual robot. As you can see, each robot can have up to 6 skills. Every robot has similar skills list, which they can acquire. To acquire a skill, you have to pay with gold. Once paid, you have to play for a while to max out a skill. It’s like to train a skill, before it hits the plateau. The more skills you want to acquire, the more gold you have to pay. I have heard, that you have to pay around 6000 gold to buy the 6th skill and then if you choose a skill, you have to pay 1000 gold additionally. So it adds up a lot. Every day you will get about 100 gold, if you play 1 hour per day. So it takes very much time to get gold. One of the my most favorite skill, is the mechanics, which you can repair yourself 0.5% every second of your overall health points, which is quite neat, if you can hide for half minute to repair yourself a lot from damages.

War robots
War Robots Weapons

There are 3 types of weapons. Light, medium and heavy. Heavy weapons are of course stronger than medium weapons. War robots have can carry different types of weapons. For example, Ares can carry 4 weapons, but only 2 light and 2 medium weapons. So weaponwise, a robot, that can carry 2 heavy weapons, is stronger. There are 19 medium weapons. A medium weapon is about 50% stronger than a light weapon. They look similar to each other. For example, a medium weapon Punisher T looks like a double light weapon Punisher. Last, bot not least, there are 21 heavy weapons, which are on average twice as strong compared to a medium weapon. A heavy weapon like Avenger looks like a triple light weapon Punisher. So 1 Avenger is about equally strong as 2 Punisher T and half of Punisher. My tip is to buy an Avenger as a heavy weapon. It costs only 2500 gold, which is quite affordable and you get it right way, whereas another heavy weapon like Glory needs to be built. You would need 25 million silver and about 28 days to build it. And then, when you level it up, the Avenger takes only 65 million and 12 days to max it out, whereas Glory would need 170 million and 30 days to max it out. Very resource and time-consuming! On top of that, the Avenger is stronger than Glory. From the light and medium weapon, I recommend Punisher and Punisher T. In total, there are about 58 weapons. Most weapons of to reload. Avenger has a reload time of 10 seconds, which means, that you can not fire anymore for 10 seconds after using up all the munitions. So my tip and trick are to fire behind walls or other obstacles, so that during the reloading time, you can hide from other war robots.

War Robots Skin

There is only skin and modules, that I want to talk about before, we dive into the video. Since a few months, there are skins for each war robot, that you can buy with gold. With some special promotion, you can win skins, that have additional 5% durability on top, which means, it can increase the overall health. For example, for this Ao Jun, I won the polar skin, which is like new clothing for the robot. It looks so much better than before, which makes the game also more enjoyable. Some robots do not have a skin to buy like Fenrir. You can only win a special skin for the Fenrir, but other robots like Ares has even 4 different skins to buy. So it depends on the robot. Like the skin above, it can cost you 10 000 gold, which is actually not recommendable at all. You could buy 4 Avengers instead or buying new and stronger robots. Normal skins can only change the appearance of the robot. That is all.

War Robots Passive Module

Next are passive modules. This heavy armor kit can increase 7% of the durability. It is very costly considering, that you do not get that much in return, because the normal armor kit is for free and it can increase 2% of the durability. Every time you level it up, it will cost you 3 million and you have to wait for it for 12 hours until the leveling up is completed. Of course, during this time you can play War Robots or not at all. There are 8 passive modules, that you can choose from. I just go for the standard one, because it is for free, but there is also a nice passive module called last stand. If the durability of your robot reaches only 5%, then it will be actived. The robot will be invulnerable for 2 seconds. It costs 5000 gold, so you can decide, whether it is worth the gold.

War Robots Active Modules

Last, but not least: Active modules. There are 7 of them and almost all of them are useful. It does not cost a thing to get it, but every time you want to activate it, you have to pay power cells instead. For example, this lock down ammo costs 20 power cells to activate it. Once activated and you could damage an enemy robot with your weapons, it will be paralized and it can not walk anymore, which is pretty handy, because there are many fast war robots, that can escape from you, so you can not shoot them. All your strong weapons will be useless. When the enemy robot is standing still, you can destroy it easily, but there are 2 things, you should keep in mind. The enemy robot is just paralyzed for 5 seconds, so your robot should be strong enough to finish the enemy. The other thing is, once this active module is activated, you have to wait 25 seconds to be able to activate it again. So use it wisely. You win these resources by playing this video game or buy it with real money. So without further ado, let’s dive into this video. I just want to quickly mention, that I am on level 30, so you might see many robots and weapons, that you have not seen before, if you just started to play it.

War Robots Video: Winning a Champions League Match.

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