Video marketing

video marketing

Video marketing

Videos can be animations, live-videos, promotion videos etc., but why are they important? Because about 80% of consumers buy the products or services right after they watched it. A very high conversion rate!, because it can explain in a more comprehensive and emotional way to the potential customers, what the products or services can do for them. Another reason is, that our brain is able to process visual things way faster than only text, but how much faster? Up to 50 000 times faster! Impressive, right? That is one of the reason, why Instagram, Pinterest etc. are doing well. Here are some more benefits of video marketing:



It creates trust. It’s more inviting and it feels closer, which also encourages potential customers to interact. That is why it decreases the obstacles in buying online products. All in all, it is a good way to present your products and services.

Using videos increase the ROI. Of course, it needs more effort to create a video, because you need equipments, good cameras, video software, suitable environment etc., but it is worth the time and money spent. Companies reported, that by using videos they could get 66% more qualified leads and a 50% better brand awareness, so that 80% of them will continue on using it.

Promotion videos are getting more important. In this fast-paced world, people want to know everything on their fingertips. That is why promo videos are needed, because it can explain and show the potential customers, what they need to know and to see. 90% of the customers say, that they watch at least a promotion video to get to know more about the products or services.

Have you ever heard a textual content went viral? Me neither! Only videos have the potential to go viral. That is why, videos on Facebook for example are 1200% more likely to be shared than textual content.

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