Signs you should marry this person


Here some of the many signs, that the person you are with is the one.

  1.  it is easy to talk about everything. It also can be deep conversation or even no conversation at all.
  2. You have the same goal like city to live in, marriage, kids, moving to a new place, changing your career etc.
  3. You want to be with this person. Sure it is possible to live by yourself, but you prefer not to, because it makes you happy being around your partner.
  4. You can reveal your true self like weaknesses, personal situation, habits, wants and needs etc. without being judged, because they accept everything of you.
  5. You overcome conflicts and fights without coming to the breaking point. Instead the relationship gets deepened.

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Signs of a good relationship

Signs of a healthy, long lasting relationship
Signs of a healthy, long lasting relationship

Relationship takes work. It takes effort of both sides to make it last. Here are some indicators, that your relationship will last hopefully forever.

You argue
It’s good to have your own opinion instead of always saying yes. If you don’t argue at all, it also can mean, that you don’t care about your relationship any more.
You don’t hide your flaws
You can show your true self without hiding yourself. Loving someone is not only about admiring their strengths, but also accepting and not judging their weaknesses.
You communicate
Being open is important to be able to satisfy and make your partner happy. That’s why relationships aren’t not based on assumption, but on communication. No topic is taboo. Being open, honest and direct is also good to sort out many problems.
Maintaining identity
It’s nice to please your partner, but it doesn’t mean, that you have to sacrifice everything for your partner. Don’t forget about your needs, that it also has to be fulfilled to be happy, because every partner in the relationship has to be happy.
You support each other
Helping your partner to achieve their goal instead of hindering it. Jealousy and envious is not right, because you care for your partner, so you want him or her to succeed. Standing side by side.
Being in love inspires you to be the best version of yourself, so that you are able to satisfy more of your partner’s needs.
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Every normal relationships go through mostly this kind of stages.

  1. Dating Stage: You get to know each other and you find interest to each other. There are some common sense, so there is a possibility to be in a relationship.
  2. The 1st Fight Stage: There will be arguments and feelings will be hurt. At this stage, you will know, whether your relationship will break or last. There will be also criticism to make your partner better.
  3. The Adaption Stage: You have to make compromises to find balance in your relationship. After that the relationship will be stable for a while before you begin to doubt.
  4. The Doubting Stage: You start to doubt, whether you really want to commit to someone like him or her for that long.
  5. The Trust Stage: You trust your partner totally with your heart.