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Here, we will share with you Maldives tips and tricks that you can save in your budget.

Ended, Maldives is one of the expensive travel destinations in the world. The luxurious resorts, world-class quality facilities, Maldives is a near heaven paradise. Very elegant beaches, white sandy sand, crystal clear water lagoon, stunning natural coral landscape, you cant imagine that this paradise can be found in the Indian Ocean. In this Maldives Tips and Tricks article, we will share our knowledge and experience on how to save a dollar when visiting in the Maldives. Have you imagine, that can spend your holidays in this dream paradise with a less budget.

The Maldives is a tropical country in the Indian Ocean made out of 26 ring-formed atolls, which are comprised of more than 1,000 coral islands. It’s known for its shorelines, blue tidal ponds, and broad reefs.
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There is twenty plus airline that flies to the Maldives from different airport hub around the Globe. Finding cheap flights to the Maldives is the best way that you can save dollars in your budget. In this case, I used cheapflight website. As you can see in the photo, the cheapest flight is on top for $224 only a round trip flight from Singapore to Maldives. Tiger air or scoot airline has given the lowest ticket price. There are a lot of sites that you can compare flight.

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Rufiyaa is the Local currency of the Maldives. $1 = 15.40mvr, the bank rate and most of the store and resorts follow this changing rate. For tourist/traveler, Changing your dollar to rufiyaa is not necessary, because US dollars or cards are widely accepted in the Maldives.

Maldives Traditional dress


Seaplane and ferry or speedboat are the main transportation in the Maldives. From island to island. Ferry has the cheapest fare in terms of transportation in the Maldives. For only 3mvr-30mvr($0.03-$2) it depends on the distance of the island, but it takes a long ride before you arrived at your destination. You can check the ferry schedule here. 50mvr-200mvr($3.4-$15) for the speedboat, it depends also on the distance of the island, but mostly, guesthouse or resorts will arrange for the ride. Seaplane, is the exciting way of transportation in the Maldives, as you fly above the Maldives land, you can see the stunning chain islands.Resorts or guesthouse will arrange for the transportation and it cost $200 to up. Here’s gives you an idea of the cost of the Maldives.

Maldives Tips and Tricks where to stay

The cheapest island resorts (deluxe) it cost $200-$400 per night, with free wifi, tv, air conditioning, etc. However, water villa or bungalow is more expensive $450 up to thousands dollar per night, with swimming pool, easy access to the lagoon. But not all travelers can afford that price. Thanks to the new law, local island are allowed to accept tourist/travelers in their guesthouse.
Staying in the guesthouse is the cheapest accommodation in the Maldives, inhabited islands have a lot of guesthouses where you can stay in a low price for about $70-$150 per night, it depends on your package.

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If you are staying in the island resorts, all your meal and drinks are included. But if you are staying in the guesthouse in the local island, you can find a local restaurant where you can eat for just 50mvr-90mvr. But mostly they served is a curry dishes or spicy. And for a nicer restaurant or some of the hotel and guesthouse, expect to pay 120mvr – 170mvr in every meal.

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Cheap Excursions

You can find a cheap excursion from a guesthouse or a small booth near the beach(assuming that you’re staying in the guesthouse from local island). Don’t be afraid to ask or inquire and compare their price and packages. Most of the water sports activity it cost $100 for 3 or 4 excursions ( like jet skiing, banana boat riding, kayak), there are a lot of exciting activities you can do them in the Maldivies. If you love diving, some guesthouse also offers this kind of activity, for a single dive it cost $75-$100 within the island.

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Day visit in the resorts

Of course, spending holiday in the Maldives would not be complete if you cant experience to live like a prince or princess in this luxurious resort. Most of the guesthouses have a day visit activities in the nearby resorts where you will be able to experience luxurious ambiance, standard service, and high quality facilities and amenities without spending too much of your money. Not only that, you will also experience to dine in their restaurant which has an intercontinental foods. What more can you ask for? Be wise and save trice!

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Now, you have an idea or tips on how to save your budget when spending Holiday in the Maldives.
If you found this Maldives Tips and Tricks article helpful to you or if you have any questions or experience you wanted to share to us by the time you visit in the Maldives, feel free to comment below.
Enjoy your travel.

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