Lead generation

Lead Generation

Lead generation

Lead generation is to convert strangers into someone, who is interested in your products and services, which is called a lead. Now, when you call that lead, it is not a cold call any more, because that person already knows you, which leads to less rejections. In terms of marketing, lead generation is also called as inbound marketing, because potential customers come to your website to inform themselves. So you don’t have to catch their attention. That would be outbound marketing. It is already the 2nd step, which is called convert. In terms of sales funnel, it is already the 2nd step, which is called interest. So before that is awareness. In this article we focus on online lead generation. One of many ways to make someone aware of your products or services is to do SEO. Read this! What is SEO?

In terms of digital marketing in order to convert someone, who are aware of what you offer to someone, who is interested in your products or services, the best way to do it, is to use landing pages, where you can get contact details from that person like email address, address, age, phone number etc. Anything, that you need to know from that person in order to further market them into the next step of the sales funnel, which is the decision phase. In order to get those leads, you have to give them some incentives like free ebook, cheat sheet, trial software, demos, courses, newsletters, podcasts, webinars etc. Another way to generate leads is to use social media. You can run contests e.g. on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. A fun way of lead generation. By the way LinkedIn is the best social network for lead generation by far. Additonally, you can answer questions on Quora. Here is an example: Quora – How can I generate more leads? Besides blogging consistently also creates leads. There is also a lead generation tool. One of the most popular tools is Lead Formly, but my Agency is also able to provide you a great landing page: Sites4Businesses and SEO: SEO Services.

Buying leads is like doing cold calls. Those people don’t know you and they might label you as spam and put your emails e.g. in a spam folder. That’s why lead qualification is important. Read this! Lead qualification. Many businesses struggle with high quality leads. In order to get that, you have to provide high quality content, promotion and SEO. SEO helps you to get the right people on your content. Read this! What is SEO?

If you want to know, whether you are getting enough leads, you can do a benchmark to find out, whether you are doing well compared to others. So costs per lead can vary between $10 to $100. To get a lead from the IT industry is the most expensive, where the costs is about $100, but how do you calculate costs per lead? Just divide the ppc with the amount of leads you have. So if you spend e.g. $5000 on ppc ads like Facebook Ads or Google AdWords and you get 50 leads out of it, the cost per lead would be $5000/50 leads = $100 per lead. Most of the companies have less than 1000 leads per month, but those, who gets leads are also more successfull. So getting leads is crucial.

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