Difficult relationship


There are many ups and downs in a relationships. How you handle conflicts in a relationship is crucial to keep it stable. So here are some tips. Statements, that you can tell your partner.

  1. What do you need from me?                                                                                       There are many miscommunications, because men and women are different, so they communicate differently. This question is a good opportunity to let your partner open up to you, so that you know your partners wants and needs to be able to satisfy and supporting them.
  2. Make an excuse                                                                                                                Even when you don’t know, that you did anything, that upset her, you still have to say sorry. To avoid making her upset in the future, it is for sure better to understand, what you did wrong to her to not repeat it again. Saying sorry is also to admit your faults to let your partner know, that you care for their feeling.
  3. Appreciation                                                                                                                       Show your gratitude, when they do something nice for you. Let your partner feel, that they are a priority in your life.
  4. I’m proud of you                                                                                                                 You are there for your partner. Whatever challenges your partner is facing, you should be there for them.
  5. I love you                                                                                                                           Show your love as often as possible, because women don’t want to hear and see it once, but many times even every day. Relationship is also commitment, so you have to make efforts.

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