Blogger tricks

blogger tricks

Blogger tricks

There are some tricks bloggers use to increase traffic. Here are some hacks!

  1. Tag people. Whether you share your content on Facebook or Twitter, you can tag them too to make them pay attention to your post.
  2. Use long tail keywords, because it is easier to get ranked for it.
  3. Add social sharing buttons for easier sharing. Besides, it is also a signal of social proof. I have an article, which is shared over 500 times! That way you also know, that this topic is in demand and you should write more articles about it.
  4. Submit your blog articles. You can submit it to Bizsugar, Hacker News, Reddit etc.
  5. Blog as much as possible. The more content you have, the better insight, you will have, which blog article people wants to read or are interested in.
  6. Join HARO. Haro stands for help a reporter and it can give you backlinks.
  7. Be active on Quora to gain more reach. It has about 200 million visitor per month!

That’s basically it. Quick and informative without much blabla. To stay up to date. Just like my Facebook Fanpage: The Doan’s Blog. If you want to know, how to get sustainable traffic, read this: What is SEO? My most popular blog article: International money.

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