Being an expat in Dublin


Ireland is a great country for expats. All the big US Americans are here. That’s why it is also known as the European version of Sillicon Valley. For example the Headquarter of Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Dell, VMware, Kingston, Intel, Adobe, Symantic, Airbnb etc. just to name a few. Ireland also uses € Euros as a currency, but North Ireland uses £ British pounds, because only North Ireland is part of the UK, so Brexit only effects them. Please keep that in mind for visa issues later on.

Because I’m a German citizen, I don’t need any visa or work permit. It’s like I’m working in my home country, which is very convenient and it saves money, but as an EU citizen, you also have to do some paperwork. You just have to apply for the PPS number and Bank account. It has to be an Irish Bank account, not any EU Bank account, which requires you a little bit more paperwork. In order to get the PPS number, you have to provide your passport, ID and evidence of address. A tenancy agreement can be regarded as proof of evidence. Please bear in mind, that the opening hours of such authority is only during normal Business hours, which means, it is recommended to apply for the PPS number before your start date. In order to open a bank account you have to provide your passport and your PPS number. That is basically it. Same like local citizen.

Tax in Ireland is more straight forward than in Germany. If your salary is below 32 800€, the tax will be 20%. If it is above this limit, it will be 40%. For example the net salary of annually 32 000€ is the same like 37 000€ in Germany. Actually you can not compare it like this way, because the health insurance in Germany is pretty, so you do not need a private health insurance. So it is like you get, what you paid for. Having a private health in Germany is most of the case just a status symbol like having a fancy car.

The living cost is pretty high for low quality. That’s why Ireland got money from the EU like other poor countries. Since the joining of the European Union in 1973 it received €50bn, but it a few years ago, but a few years ago, it started contributing to the EU. There are many old houses. It looks like the war is recently over or something, so not very inviting to stay there. So if you want to stay in very pretty, modern and well designed apartments, it is better to go to Zürich. They have the best apartments I’ve ever seen in my life. It looks like paradise, although I have no clue, how a paradise supposes to look like. Haha. The average salary for graduates is €25 000, which is pretty low compared to Germany with €44 000, which is about 75% higher in Germany. Although the tax in Ireland is a little bit lower than in Germany, it can’t compensate that big difference. The rent price in Dublin for a double room is on average 1000€ per month, which is about 50% till 70% higher than in Germany. Considering the low salary and the high living cost, Germany is more than 100% better than Dublin. With the low salary and high living cost, you only can afford bread and water. Because I have more than 1 income stream, I could afford beer sometimes 😀

In terms of infrastructure, Dublin has no metro to the city center from the airport. Only buses. German cities with similar amount of population have already a metro to the city center. So Dublin is falling about half century from behind. The whole city has only 3 lines and the buses don’t have air conditioners. The good thing about it, you don’t need to go to sauna any more. German cities with that size of Dublin have at least 10 metro lines. You might argue, that I could buy a car, but I will only buy a car, if I know, where I will settle down, but after being to 22 different countries, I still have no idea, where to settle down :D. It is really difficult to find a better place than Germany. Germany is one of the richest country in Europe and in the world. It is hard to beat that. That’s why Germany is the 2nd immigration country right after the US. I’m happy not being an expat in Dublin / Ireland any more. It’s not easy to get used to that kind of low life quality.

Although Ireland is part of the EU, it uses a British socket, which is quite confusing.

British socket

So do not forget to take an adapter with you. There are quite many Brazilians, which is surprising, when I arrived there. In Germany I have not met any of them. From what I have heard from them, it is easier to get an Irish visa and you are allowed to work part time while studying English, which is similar to Germany. I also noticed, that there are more US American tourists than Australian tourists. In Budapest there are almost only Australian tourists. Very interesting …

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