What are backlinks?


What are backlinks?

Backlinks are inbound links / external links referring to other websites, which is the biggest part of offsite SEO. If you don’t know, what it is, read this! What is offsite SEO? Technically, it is a HTML tag, which looks like this: <a href=“http://www.denisdoan.com“>Denis Doan</a>. Denis Doan in this HTML tag is called anchor text and it also should contain the keyword.

Backlinks are important, because they can help you get ranked higher on Google. Why? Because they act as a recommendation to your website. The more popular that website is the better that backlink is regarded, which means, if you get a backlink from CNN, it would be much more worth than many links from unknown websites. On top of that, you also get traffic from that backlink. For sure, it is possible to be ranked on the 1st on Google without any backlinks, but that’s the rare case, because the competition is very low and the niche is very special. Of course, backlinks are not the only ranking factor. That is why although you have many backlinks, does not mean, you will rank on the 1st place on Google. Here is an example. I typed in best bars in Los Angeles. The 2nd result is a website called cntraveler. I put that website into a special tool to find out more about their backlinks. It has as you can see on the picture below about 1.4 million backlinks.

What are backlinks

The 3rd result is a website called Time Out, which is quite popular all over English speaking places like New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Singapore, Sydney etc. Although it is quite popular and it has way more backlinks on top as you can see on the picture below, it is still outranked by cntraveler. So yeah, please keep in mind, that backlinks are not everything. what are backlinks

What are backlinks: Link Building

Getting backlinks is also called link building. There are many ways to get backlinks. Here are a few of them:

  1. Great content. Content, that it is very interesting for your audience, that they want to share or even to mention on their websites. I also often share interesting articles on my Facebook account. Not only the content itself has to be great, but also it has to be SEO optimized for example at least 300 words with about 2,5% keyword density.
  2. Promotion. In the classic marketing there 4Ps. So not only your product or services has to be great, but if nobody knows about it, you can’t sell it. So a good way to promote yourself is being active any many social media channels. For example I’m active on Quora and answer a lot of questions related to my niche: Quora Denis Doan.
  3. Guest blogging. By guest blogging you can get valuable link to your blog or website. Just make sure you provide great and unique content for popular websites like Entrepreneur.comForbes.comHuffington Post etc.
  4. SlideShare. You can put your interesting presentation to SlideShare to get valuable links.
  5. Business. Team up with other Freelancers and Businesses helps to extend your product or services and even backlinks.

The influence of the link building will start about days till months later depending on the competitiveness of the industry you are in and the popularity of the website, that links to you.

So that is a quick introduction into what are backlinks. I hope, you like this blog post about „What are backlinks?“. If not, just write me. To stay up to date, just like my Facebook Fanpage: The Doan’s Blog. Further readings: What is SEO? What is offsite SEOWhy keyword research? What is Digital Marketing? What is SEM?

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