Web hosting comparison

web hosting comparison

Web Hosting Comparison

By WordPress Radar

Affiliate disclosure to comply with the FTC GuidelinesThis post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase through a link. That is the best way to thank me for buying through our link. Thank you. 

Web hosting comparison – No matter how amazing your website is, but if it doesn’t have good hosting, then you might face a lot of problems. The speed of your site depends a lot on hosting, and if your hosting is not good then you will get higher loading times, and it will affect your ranking on Google because of the high bounce back rate. Every site comes under some problem, and in this case, you need the right hosting provider which has excellent support to solve your problems.

Selecting the best web hosting sites is very difficult because there are a plethora of providers and researching them one by one will take your vast time but don’t worry we did this work of researching for you.

Things To Consider

  1. Cost
    While cost is one of the important consideration factors when choosing the best cloud hosting provider. I agree that the quality of service should take the highest priority. Along with that, cost also matters a lot. Before comparing providers, remember that no two hosts are the same. Sometimes more expensive plans serve better service.
  2. High-performance and high-availability
    The consumer has high expectations for the hardware environment because of the dependency. So the service provider should have to provide the best level of hardware components. The servers should provide around 100% uptime. Any performance issue will cost a lot to the organization.
  3. Scalability
    Check the scalability of the servers whether it is capable to handle peaks in traffic or not.No organizations want to lose customers. So the service provider should support your growth.
  4. Control Panel
    The control panel is an important consideration. The better user interface of the control panel, the easier it is for companies and organizations. Some famous leaders in control panel development are cPanel and Plesk. A quick remark from my side. It’s not only about GUI, but also about their functionality. It happened to me, that transferring my domain to an US American web hosting took only minutes because I could approve the transfer myself, whereas transferring it back to my Danish web hosting took a few days because I could not approve the transfer myself. I had to wait for their webmaster to approve it. cPanel’s GUI looks like in their 90s or something. Pretty old and outdated.
  5. Technical support
    Most of the organizations migrating to cloud hosting don’t have a fully qualified technical team. So they may go for managed cloud hosting that can provide a hustle free way to operate their business. The service provider will take care of the hardware, OS and patching, server monitoring, etc. While the organization will administrate their applications. If any technical issues arise, then the service provider should ready for that. That is the best case. I have personally tried out Bluehost myself and their technical support is a catastrophe. Everytime I need some technical help from their side, it takes about 100 minutes to solve it, but most of the time, they can not even solve it after that amount of time. They keep asking you questions and screenshots just to let time pass by without solving the issue itself. Not competent at all. That is why I canceled my order after 2 weeks or so. At least their 30 days money-back guarantee works. Just because, it didn’t work for me out well, it doesn’t mean, that it won’t work out for you. There is still something positive to say about Bluehost. I could get web traffics mostly from the US, so if you are targeting this segment, Bluehost is for you. Besides, it is one of the biggest US web hosting services. Check out their deal here.

We considered the speed of hosting, their uptime, support, c-panel, and price to performance ratio to do the web hosting comparison. We tested all the big hosting providers ourselves to make this list for you.

Web hosting comparison 1: Siteground

If you are searching for a reliable and reputable hosting provider for medium to enterprise-level business, then Siteground is for you. With its starting plan of $3.95/month and renewal price of $11.95/month, it is evident that this hosting is not for a small business. Siteground justifies the cost with its tons of free features like Letsencrypt SSL certificate,  site migration, Cloudflare CDN, daily backups, and emails. Other significant hosting takes charge for these basic features, but it is nice that Siteground gives them for free.

SiteGround Best Web Hosting Sites
SiteGround Best Web Hosting Comparison 

Siteground provides an easy to use panel. The support of Siteground is amazing; Their talented staff can fix all types of problems. With its excellent speed, this hosting is among the fastest WordPress hosting. This hosting has data centers in the US, Asia, Europe. The best part about this hosting is that it offers SSD storage for all of its plans, and nowadays, SSD storage is one of the essential features. You can’t imagine how much an SSD storage can increase your site speed.

SiteGround Uptime

SiteGround Uptime
SiteGround Uptime

Siteground has the best security and has a dedicated team just for security. They handle their server very well. They use AI-based system to fix their servers. Siteground also offers a Supercache which is used for caching your site, and it increases the speed of your site to a great extent.

SiteGround Response Time Per Country

SiteGround Response Time Per Country
SiteGround Response Time Per Country

The worst part of this hosting is that it doubles its price after the first year. In the starting plan, they offer 10 GB storage and can handle only 10 thousand visitors. You might consider this as a con, but it is nice because at least they tell the truth that they can handle only 10 thousand visitors and have limited bandwidth and storage. Other hosting providers show unlimited storage and bandwidth, but in reality, they are limited too, and they too can handle a limited amount of visitors, but they never tell the truth, but as Siteground is very reputable, it tells the truth. This hosting truly deserves the first rank on our list of the best web hosting sites.

SiteGround Pros

  • Very Good Uptime (99.99%)
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 
  • Fast and Knowledgeable Support
  • Excellent WordPress Hosting Features
  • Free Site Migration
  • Secure Hosting Technology

SiteGround Cons

  • Limited Storage Space
  • Setup Fee for Monthly Billing

Web hosting comparison 2: Hostinger

  • If you are looking for the cheap hosting for WordPress, then Hostinger is best for you. It’s starting plan costs only $0.80/month when you will purchase it for two years. In terms of price, Hostinger outranks others hosting by a large margin. Hostinger has data centers in 7 regions. They offer a domain name for free for their premium and business shared web hosting plans, but unfortunately, a domain name is not free for their single web hosting plan. It doesn’t give SSL certificate for free in its single and premium web hosting plan, but according to us, it is not a big deal because you can easily get a free SSL certificate from Cloudflare or Letsencrypt. It would be nice if they offer these essential services without taking extra charge.
    Hostinger Cheap Web Hosting
    Hostinger Web Hosting Comparison

    It has an okay speed considering the price. The most significant drawback is that it has an old apache server and nowadays most of the hosting provides Litespeed server which is new and way faster than the Apache server. It has a decent uptime of 99.91%. It offers unlimited bandwidth and database for all its plan except the single web hosting, which comes with 10gb storage and 100gb bandwidth. It provides you a 30 day money-back guarantee so that you can test it.

    Hostinger Uptime
    Hostinger Uptime

    The support of this hosting is fantastic; their staffs are highly knowledgeable. They have 24/7/365 Support, which is impressive. We are amazed by its support because their support staff understands all the problem, and they can solve it for you. This hosting provides cpanel too, but we don’t like it because it is not easy to use as compared to others cpanel like soft a close.

    Our personal experience with this hosting is okay-okay. We are a little disappointed by its Apache server, but considering the price to performance ratio, this is a fantastic hosting. We will not recommend this hosting for medium to enterprise-level businesses. With its low price, this hosting secured the best cheap hosting for WordPress on our list.

    Hostinger Pros

    • Cheapest Web Hosting Plans ($0.80/mo)
    • Fast Load Time
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    • Uptime Guarantee
    • Free Domain for 1 Year
    • Knowledgeable Customer Service
    • Free Website Builder

    Hostinger Cons

    • SSL Certificate Not Included
    • Minimum Billing Cycle is 3 Months
    • Simplicity Killed the cPanel

    Web hosting comparison 3: Hostgator

    If you are looking for the best web hosting for WordPress then Hostgator is for you.  If you are starting, then its hatching plan is the best option which costs only $2.64/month for three years but keep in mind that it has a higher renewal rate.

    It is tough to question the reputation of this hosting as most of the pro bloggers, and YouTubers recommend the hatching plan of this hosting for starting.

    HostGator Cheap Web Hosting
    HostGator Web Hosting Comparison

    This hosting has an excellent uptime of 99.98% tough they guarantee 99.99%, but it’s negligible. This hosting has pretty decent speed, and there are many hosting who outranks Hostgator in terms of speed, but it’s not that bad. The best part of this hosting is that It has no restriction on storage and bandwidth even on its hatching plan that is the starting plan of this hosting. They do have some limitations on its starting plan like you can host only one website, but it is pretty apparent to give some restrictions in a starting plan, and most of the hosting providers do this.

    HostGator Web Hosting Plan

    1. Shared Web Hosting
    2. WordPress Hosting
    3. VPS Hosting
    4. Cloud Hosting
    5. Dedicated Server Hosting

    This hosting offers a free SSL, Site migration, and daily backup for all of its plans, and it is nice that they are providing essential features for free while most of the hosting takes an additional charge for this. They also give Cpanel. They offer 24/7/365 support, and their support staff is helpful, and they are highly knowledgeable to solve all your problems. Most of the data centers of Hostgator are located in the US.

    HostGator Uptime

    HostGator Uptime
    HostGator Uptime

    Like Hostinger this hosting also has an Apache server as we mentioned earlier that we don’t like the apache server at all. As Hostgator is such a big player in the industry of hosting so we expect them to use the best server but still they are stuck on old apache servers. It’s true that their server works pretty well with WordPress. You can try this hosting without any hesitation because they offer a massive 45 days money-back guarantee. We will recommend you to go with this hosting if you are starting or have a medium level business.

    HostGator Hosting Pros

    • Good Uptime (99.98%)
    • Fast Load Time (432ms)
    • Free Site Transfer and One-Click Installs
    • 45-day Money-back Guarantee
    • No Bandwidth/Storage Limit
    • Plesk & cPanel control panels
    • Unlimited Email Accounts
    • Free SSL Certificates
    • 24/7 support

    HostGator Hosting Cons

    • No free domain registration
    • Slower Customer Support Response Times
    • Restore from backups requires additional fee
    • No Windows-based VPS hosting

Web hosting comparison 4: Godaddy

Godaddy is the world’s biggest domain registrar and its very reputable. Unfortunately, their hosting is not reliable as many pro bloggers and YouTubers don’t recommend GoDaddy hosting but according to our test its not at all worst.

Godaddy Best Web Hosting Site
Godaddy Web Hosting Comparison

The price of GoDaddy is entirely suitable for a beginner. The starting plan of GoDaddy is a starter, but we are going to talk about Economy plan because it gives a domain name for free and you can host the unlimited website in it. The cost of an economic plan is $2.99/month, but it renews at $7.99/month, which is pretty high.

Godaddy Hosting Plans

  1. Shared Web Hosting
  2. WordPress Hosting
  3. Business Hosting
  4. VPS Hosting
  5. Dedicated Server Hosting
  6. Reseller Hosting

They have no restriction in their economy plan as they offer 100GB storage and unmetered bandwidth.  This hosting has an excellent uptime of 99.97%, although Godaddy guarantees 99.99%. The load time is pretty good considering the price, and we are amazed by the GoDaddy speed. We thought that their speed is going to be the worst as per many professional, but amazingly it’s okay.

Godaddy Uptime

Godaddy Uptime
Godaddy Uptime

They charge very high for all essential features like migration, backups, SSL certificate, and email account. The support of GoDaddy is the worst on our entire list. The support of GoDaddy is slow. They give support on the phone and chat. They provide 24/7 support on the phone, but on chat, they offer 24/7 support on Monday to Friday only. On Saturday and Sunday, they are available from 6 am to 3 am. In a phone call, you have to wait for a long. In chat, they hold for a while. The support of Godaddy is a catastrophe, and I am saying this from my personal experience.

Godaddy Hosting Pros

  • Good Uptime (99.97%)
  • Fast Load Time (517ms)
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-click Backups & Restore
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Free Domain name offered with all yearly plans

Godaddy Hosting Cons

  • Emails, Backups and SSL Cost Extra
  • Limited live chat support 
  • Renewal Price is high

The 30 day money back guarantees of GoDaddy is questionable because they applied some terms and condition. Maximum hosting provider refunds money without any question, but still, GoDaddy has some terms and condition. There is some chance that you won’t get your money back, so please be aware. You can go with GoDaddy if you are starting, but as other professional, we are not going to recommend Godaddy because of these frustrating things. Yes, they do offer excellent uptime and speed considering the price, but all the other thing is really bad. It’s tough to recommend GoDaddy as there is a much better option available on our list.

Web hosting comparison 5: Dreamhost

Last, but not least of web hosting comparison: Dreamhost. It is among the most popular and old hosting founded in 1996. If you want the best web hosting for a small business then take a look at Dream host. Their starting plan is a shared starter which costs $2.59/month for three years and $3.95/month for one year, which is pretty competitive.

Dream Host Web Hosting
Dream Host Web Hosting Comparison

The best part is that they have no higher renewal rates. Their starting plan offers unlimited bandwidth and storage, which is true. They don’t provide email for their Shared starter plan, and they do charge $1.67/month for an email account in a shared starter. There is an unlimited email in Shared unlimited plan.

DreamHost Web Hosting Comparison Plans

  1. Shared Web Hosting
  2. Cloud Hosting
  3. VPS Hosting
  4. Dedicated Server Hosting
  5. WordPress Hosting
  6. Woocommerce Hosting

They offer a massive 97 days money back guarantee, which outranks money back guarantee of every hosting provider in our list. However, they do have some terms and conditions in money back guarantee like they will refund your money only if you have paid via credit card, no other payment option, which they accept but again this is not that big as the GoDaddy one.

They offer a decent speed. The uptime is 99.6%, which is pretty well but they guarantee an uptime of 100%, which makes no sense. They do offer some freebies with their starting plans like a free domain and SSL certificate. This hosting has SSD storage, which is good. Like GreenGeeks this hosting is green too as they purchase most of their electricity which is generated by renewal sources, which is a great initiative by Bluehost.

DreamHost Uptime

Dream Host Uptime
Dream Host Uptime

Although Bluehost has a competitive price, decent speed, Unlimited bandwidth, and storage, we put this hosting on second last of our entire list of the best web hosting sites because of its some significant drawbacks. The support of this hosting sucks. They can’t give you support through the phone, and live chat is the only option. Even live chat is not 24/7 though they claim that they have 24/7 live chat customer support. They give live chat support to the customer from 5:30 AM to 9:30 PM. The worst part of this hosting is that they don’t have cpanel.

They provide their own panel, which is worst according to us. Dreamhost has some restrictions like the limit of email is 2GB, and there is some storage limit of My SQL database too. They don’t offer a free site migration. Migrating by yourself is very frustrating as there is no automated way to do it in their so-called old panel. There is a restriction in paid site migration too. In your WordPress site, they will shift your pages and post, but they will not shift theme and plugin. The migration in Dreamhost is very frustrating.

DreamHost Hosting Pros

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Pricing & Plan Simplicity
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • 97-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Domain with Whois Privacy
  • Knowledgeable Support
  • Unlimited Data Storage

DreamHost Hosting Cons

  • No CPanel
  • No Phone Support
  • Live chat support wait times are sometimes long.
  • Text Based Control Panel Not Always as Intuitive

You can go with this hosting if you are starting and looking for the best web hosting for a small business. We will recommend you to go with another hosting provider because they are way better than Dreamhost at the same price point. You can give a try to this hosting because of 97 day money back guarantee but make sure to pay via credit card.

Of course, there are many other web hosting providers out there. That was only a quick introduction to web hosting comparison. If you like this article about web hosting comparison, just like my Facebook Fanpage: The Doan’s Blog. If not, just write me. Most popular blog article: What is SEO?

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