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Get Instagram Followers: 12 Exclusive Way 3x Your Followers

Instagram followers are more engaged than Facebook or Twitter followers. Instagram post help to make the new audience to your customer although Instagram has only some features but they are enough to attract more peoples towards your business or website.

Now Instagram is World’s Three most popular social network. that have 800+ million monthly users.

Instagram has features of uploading images and videos. here in the bio section, you can add only one URL to your website but this will be enough if you have followers and trends.

Info! This post cover trick for both Brand (Website, Company and Service) Owner or Regular Instagram User.
Do you know: Internal links open in new window Happy Reading ? 

Here I shared my 12 tricks that use on my Instagram to get more followers and engage with more peoples.

Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram has features of uploading a new post and story so there are some tricks to use these tricks when you upload your next Instagram post. Here are 12 ways to get more Instagram followers:

1. Create a Complete Profile

Create a complete profile with right name, username, profile picture, description and add a Website.

Instagram has two type of accounts

  1. Personal Account – Personal account for a regular Instagram user.
  2. Business Account – Business account for Company, Websites, Blogs and Services

When you create a new account this account will be a personal account, You can switch freely your personal account to business account.

Trick-1: Use Business Account instead of Personal Account Whatever you are.

In business account, you will get more features of Instagram like

  1. Insight of your profile
  2. Insight of every post
  3. Promotion option
  4. Contact option(Phone, mail, Address) for your audience

Use Business Account and get every state and provide more info to your followers.

2. Connect with Facebook

Facebook is used by 2 billion people all across milky way galaxy. ?

And we all have thousands of friends on Facebook account, and we all know that owner of Facebook and Instagram is same.

When we link Insta account to facebook account, Every friend of Facebook that use Instagram get notification of your new joining on Instagram. Due to this notification, your friends love to follow you.

And you got Instagram followers from your Facebook friends.


If you are:

Regular User: Connect Insta with your Facebook profile.

Brand Owner: If you are running a website and want followers for your brand(Blog, Website, Company) you should also connect your Brand with your Facebook profile.

I think! we can connect multiple Insta accounts to a single Facebook profile.
Trick-2: In each case Connect Instagram Account to Facebook Profile.

3. Upload Featured Image of Brand/Life

If you are a blogger you should upload featured image of the blog into your Insta account, by this users get that you had written about this and if they find helpful this for them they will definitely click on your site.

Trick-3: Upload Every New Featured Image of Blog, Website and your Products

4. Every Insta Post with A lot of #HashTags

#Hashtag play a very important role in post When you attached a hashtag into the post, this post will show many tabs according to your added hashtags.

Keep in mind: Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags.

Some tools for find Trending #HashTags

1. Webstagram – for Most Popular Instagram Hashtags and Instagram Popular Users.
2. TagBlender – More Insta #HashTags category wise.
Trick:-4: Add Latest Trending A Lot of #HashTags into your Insta Post & Story

5. Add GeoTag(Location) in Insta Post & Story

Instagram also has featured Add location to Insta Post & Story and you should take advantage of this feature to get more people attraction and new customers.

Store Owners – Add the location of town and area of your store where you provide your service.

Bloggers – Add location where your blog is growing means from where you are getting visitors.

Freelancer – Add location, where you can find clients.

Regular User – Add the location of your town and city where you live or where you are.

Trick-5: Add Location to Every Insta Post & Story according to your Passion.

6. Tag People into Insta Image

Tag your Insta post to related people and profiles.

Tag peoples who are with you in image or tag who is relevant to your field. you can also tag Images to your friends and family member.

The benefit of adding more people is when you tag people in your post this post also saved in their(tagged people) profile. it increases your presence and reach to more peoples profile.

Why you save yourself in own profile if you have the option to enter others profile.

Trick-6: You’re not alone here If 2+ Billion people on the internet.

7. Share on Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler

Connect Instagram with your Facebook page/profile as well Twitter account and if you have Tumbler account also connect this to your Tumbler account.

Advantage of this 

  1. The image automatically shares in three more places.
  2. hashtag keep same on other social networks.
  3. Location tag also keeps same.
Trick-7: Don’t Forget, Share On Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler.

My Post on Insta


8. Comments on other Stuff

The more you comment on other’s photos the more followers your recieve. – Neil Patel

Trick-8: Comments on Popular Profiles & Trend post before they got old.

9. Pinterest Graphic in Grid

Pinterest is one of my favourite social network.

I have found many blogs who are getting more traffic from Pinterest than organic traffic That’s True!.

If you have a large collection of images and infographics as well as Boards you will start getting traffic from Pinterest

Many brand owners including me make Image and Infographics for Pinterest. These Pinterest images can be upload on Facebook and Twitter even without resizing them.

But These images can be not uploaded directly on Instagram due to their large size. ?

Pinterest Image size is 735 px * 1102 px (1 : 1.5) while Instagram post size is 1080 px *1080 px (1 : 1)

There is a great difference between them, then what.

Use Layout from Instagram: collage App(A Instagram Add-on) simply download this from play store and attach two Pinterest image vertically in the grid. ?

your Pinterest Images are now ready for uploading on Insta.

Trick-9: Use Layout from Instagram: collage App and make Pinterest Image for Insta.
instagram follower

10. Right Day More Followers

On average Sunday post get more attractions vs another day of the week.

Prepare your stuff for Sunday and then on Sunday make it Boom. ?

Trick-10: Upload Images & story more on Sunday.

11. Insta Story with Tags & Location

Add an Insta story with tag & Location, it will show in tag and location tab.

And people who are suffering these tags get your story and who are looking for a place also get your amazing story.

Trick-11: Add story of your day with tag and location

12. Out of Niche Post

Sometimes we should make some post out of our niche.

My Example:

When I join Instagram for WebTechPreneur first I post my Blog Featured Images approx 10-12 and then one day I post an Iron Man ? Photo and then I found likes on Iron Man photo is more than compare to any another image.

Then I realise sometimes we should make out of niche post.

We can post images of:
  1. Our workspace.
  2. Festivals & Celebrations.
  3. Store & Shop
  4. Site Making
  5. Our creativity

And whatever that you want to share with your audience.

Some places that give me some extraordinary images are Canva and Creative market.

Canva is a great hub for Graphics and it also provides Festival images and etc.

Creative market also provides handmade beautiful and attractive Instagram templates.

6 Free Design Assets

from Creative Market

Powered by Creative Market

trick-12: Share what you love, celebrate, how you do your work.

Final Words

This is my strategies on Instagram, today here I shared ever point that I use on Instagram to get the new audience and Instagram followers.

Try these tricks on yourself and share what result you get.

Good Luck

– Divesh Diggiwal

I hope, you could learn at least a little bit more about how to increase your Instagram followers. To stay up to date. Just like my Facebook Fanpage: The Doan’s Blog. Further reading: What is Digital Marketing? Most popular blog article: International money.


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