SEO pricing

seo pricing

SEO pricing

It is good to know, how much a SEO service can cost you for orientation. It is also good to know for new SEO agencies to charge an appropriate price. Here is an insight into the market.

Most of SEOs charge less than $5k per month. It is charged mostly per month with $500 to $1000 per month. An hourly rate of a $100 to $150 for SEO agencies and SEO freelancers charge $70 per hour. SEO services focusing a worldwide market charges about 100% more compared to a local market. A one time SEO audit for example starts with $500, so it doesn’t include optimizing your website. It is just showing, what to improve on.

seo packagesHere is an example, how a SEO service looks like. This package consists only of onpage SEO services. If you want to know, what onpage SEO is, read this! Onpage SEO. An offsite SEO service would for example competition analysis, backlinks analysis, link building, guest posting etc. Me personally I doubt a specialized SEO agency is able to do a fully onpage SEO, because there many components, which require deeper knowledge in the website technologies. A Web designer or web developer has such technical knowledge like me.

That’s basically it about SEO pricing. To stay up to date, just like my Facebook Fanpage: The Doan’s Blog. Further readings: What is SEO? My Web Agency Sites4Businesses is providing SEO services. Feel free to contact it: Sites4Businesses.

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