SEO audit

SEO audit

SEO audit

Your website is new, responsive and professional, but still don’t get traffic, leads or sales? With SEO audit you can find out, what to improve on your website or even offsite. If you want to know, what offsite SEO is, read this! Offsite SEO.

With screaming frog tool, you can check for example, whether you have meta tags like title or description. It’s an HTML tag, which you can edit, if you access to your website’s code or a plugin like All in SEO pack. Screaming frog tool also can identify broken links. Broken links are links, that don’t work any more, because that website is been deleted or other technical reasons.

Next Google PageSpeed can give you an insight, how fast your website loads and whether it is fast enough to have a positive influence on your SEO: Googe PageSpeed. It even shows, you what to do, if there are any errors. For example optimizing your images by compressing it. A good tool to compress your pictures is this: TinyPNG. You don’t need to download it. It is a website. Just drag and drop your pictures and download the optimized pictures. As simple as that. In order to update your new picture, you can use FileZilla or even drag and drop depending on your webhost.



With KeywordFinder you can find out, which keyword you want to get ranked for. It shows, which keyword is difficult to ranked for. In this example it is easier to get ranked with the keyword SEO Agency than SEO company. So if you are trying to get ranked with the keyword SEO, it is not very likely, that you will get any traffic from it, because it is very difficult to get ranked for it. This tool even shows, you on the first sight, how many visitors the 1st ranked website gets for the keyword SEO. It gets 183 000 visitors per month regularly, which is pretty impressive, because it is only 1 blog article. This website has many blog articles!

There is also a HTML validator to see, whether your code is well written. It shows you for example, that you don’t have alt tags in your picture etc. Webmasters, website owners have access to the file. It is mostly index.html file.

With Google Search console, you can find out, which website links back to you and then you can find out, what their PageAuthority is to know, whether you want to dissavow it or not.

That’s basically it. To stay up to date. Just like my Facebook Fanpage: The Doan’s Blog. If you want to know, how to get sustainable traffic, read this: What is SEO? My most popular blog article: International money.

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