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International money

Wherever you travel, when you transfer money internationally, there will be 2 types of fees. The 1st one is the oversea transfer fee and the 2nd one is the exchange rate fee. With this special service, you can save up to 80% of those fees and it is pretty fast. I’m using it and it took 2 business days from Germany to Vietnam to transfer it. I’ve transferred with the regular bank 500€ to Vietnam and the fee was 36,55€, which is about 7,31% fee!

Bank transfer money

If I do it with transferwise, it will cost me only 7,39€, which is only 1,48% fee.


So in this example you about 30€ for every 500€ bank transfer from Germany to Vietnam. On top of that they give you a better exchange rate! At that time according to Google it is only 25,821.59!

By clicking on this link you will get the first 500GBP transfer for free. No fees. Check it out: Transferwise

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