How to get backlinks


How to get backlinks

If you want to know, what backlinks are, read this! What are backlinks? Backlinks was the only factor to get ranked on Google. Now there are more than 200 factors, which can influence your ranking position, but it still the most important factor. The good thing, it doesn’t only have a big influence on your ranking, but it also give you traffic through the link. Here are some ways of how to get backlinks:

  1. Broken links. If you want to get backlinks from that specific website or blog, just visit it and check, whether there are some broken links. Broken links are links, that don’t work any more for whatever reason. For example the blog article is deleted. To check, whether there are broken links on that website, just use the Chrome extension Check my Links. After adding it, it will mark all the broken links in red. From there you can contact the website owner, that that link is broken and you have a great content to offer for replacement.
  2. People like visual things. It is easier to understand, that’s why it get shared more often. It is very easy to create it. I use Canva to create it. This blog article has an infographic, so that you know, what I am talking about: What is SEO?
  3. Guest blog. Here are some ways to discover opportunities, how to find blogs, that accepts guest blog articles. On Google just type „your keyword“ + become a contributor / write for us etc. On Twitter you can search for guest post or guest articles etc.
  4. Copy your competitors. With Semrush you can find out, where your competitor gets backlinks from. From there you can ask, that person, that there is another great / better content, that they can share too, which is useful for their audience.
  5. Promoting your content does help to get backlinks. In this article we will discuss more about it: Increase your traffic by promoting your website or blog.
  6. Write testimonials. I just noticed, that you also get a backlink on Google maps, if you upload a photo over there of a place.
  7. Contacting reporters and other bloggers. Teaming up with other people is always a good idea. HARO is for example a place to go. It stands for help a reporter out.
  8. The longer your content, the more it gets shared on average. Most blog article on the 1st of Google have all 2000 words.

That’s basically it about how to get backlinks. To stay up to date. Just like my Facebook Fanpage: The Doan’s Blog. If you want to know, how to get sustainable traffic, read this: What is SEO? My most popular blog article: International money.

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