What are backlinks?


What are backlinks?

Backlinks are inbound links / external links referring to other websites, which is the biggest part of offsite SEO. If you don’t know, what it is, read this! What is offsite SEO? Technically, it is a HTML tag, which looks like this: <a href=“http://www.denisdoan.com“>Denis Doan</a>. Denis Doan in this HTML tag is called anchor text and it also should contain the keyword.

Backlinks are important, because they can help you get ranked higher on Google. Why? Because they act as a recommendation to your website. The more popular that website is the better that backlink is regarded, which means, if you get a backlink from CNN, it would be much more worth than many links from unknown websites. On top of that, you also get traffic from that backlink. For sure, it is possible to be ranked on the 1st on Google without any backlinks, but that’s the rare case, because the competition is very low and the niche is very special. Of course, backlinks are not the only ranking factor. That is why although you have many backlinks, does not mean, you will rank on the 1st place on Google. Here is an example. I typed in best bars in Los Angeles. The 2nd result is a website called cntraveler. I put that website into a special tool to find out more about their backlinks. It has as you can see on the picture below about 1.4 million backlinks.

What are backlinks

The 3rd result is a website called Time Out, which is quite popular all over English speaking places like New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Singapore, Sydney etc. Although it is quite popular and it has way more backlinks on top as you can see on the picture below, it is still outranked by cntraveler. So yeah, please keep in mind, that backlinks are not everything. what are backlinks

What are backlinks: Link Building

Getting backlinks is also called link building. There are many ways to get backlinks. Here are a few of them:

  1. Great content. Content, that it is very interesting for your audience, that they want to share or even to mention on their websites. I also often share interesting articles on my Facebook account. Not only the content itself has to be great, but also it has to be SEO optimized for example at least 300 words with about 2,5% keyword density.
  2. Promotion. In the classic marketing there 4Ps. So not only your product or services has to be great, but if nobody knows about it, you can’t sell it. So a good way to promote yourself is being active any many social media channels. For example I’m active on Quora and answer a lot of questions related to my niche: Quora Denis Doan.
  3. Guest blogging. By guest blogging you can get valuable link to your blog or website. Just make sure you provide great and unique content for popular websites like Entrepreneur.comForbes.comHuffington Post etc.
  4. SlideShare. You can put your interesting presentation to SlideShare to get valuable links.
  5. Business. Team up with other Freelancers and Businesses helps to extend your product or services and even backlinks.

The influence of the link building will start about days till months later depending on the competitiveness of the industry you are in and the popularity of the website, that links to you.

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What is onpage SEO?

Onpage SEO

What is onpage SEO?

Onpage SEO also known as onsite SEO is a method to optimize your website to get ranked higher on search engines. If you don’t know, what SEO is, read this! What is SEO? Onpage SEO can be divided into 2 parts. The technical SEO and the content optimization. Offsite/offpage SEO has more to do with link building / backlinks. If you want to know, what offsite SEO is, read this! What is offsite SEO? So to get ranked high on Google as fast as possible, you have to do both.



Your content has to meet certain requirements, so that the search engines prefer your content over other contents. The length of the text should be at least 300 words and the keyword density should be about 2,5%. Besides, it has to be your own content, you are writing. No copies. The page title and meta description also should have the keyword. Now it starts getting a little bit more technical. Meta description is a HTML tag, which you put on the header of the HTML file. If you use images like me, it has to be properly named with keywords. The URL of your blog article should contain keywords, too. Internal linking is also important. In this blog article for example, I’ve referred to my other articles like offsite SEO and at the end of this article, I will give your more articles for further reading.


Technical SEO

With this Google Tool, you can check, how fast your website loads. If it takes too much time to load, you have to optimize it then. Either HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Cache, pictures etc. The faster your website or blog gets loaded, the better it is ranked. When you use pictures, make sure, that those pictures get compressed before uploading it. I forgot to compress an image and the PageSpeed score was below 50 instantly, although that picture was only 4 MB, but after optimizing it, it was only about 200 KB.

There are also nice tools to use like Google Analytics. After implementing it on your website, it can measure, how many visitors you have on your website. How long they stay on your website and where they come from etc. Pretty useful insights to find out, which SEO move works best for you.

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What is offsite SEO?

offpage seo

What is offsite SEO?

If you don’t know, what SEO is, read this! What is SEO? Offpage/offsite SEO are techniques, which are out of the website. Backlinks are the most important part. The more backlinks you have, the higher you will get ranked on the search engine. Not only the quantity plays a role, but also the quality of the backlink. It is mainly determined by the domain authority of the website.


This is, how a backlink looks like. It’s a link from another website to your website. So if I click on the link www.denisdoan.com, it would refer to my website. As simple as that. In order to get backlinks, you have to build it. That’s why it is called link building. Pretty straightforward. It’s also possible to buy links, but these kinds of artificially getting links are called black hat SEO. You will get punished by the search engine by getting your ranking lowered.

Before moving on, I will tell you the types of links. No follow links are links, that doesn’t improve the search ranking. It is implemented in HTML and it looks like this: <a href=“http://www.denisdoan.com/“ rel=“nofollow>Denis Doan</a>. So you just add this attribute rel to the a tag. It is like a tool for webmasters to prevent spamming. Links on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter etc. are nofollow links, so they don’t have an impact on SEO. The normal links as you can see above are the follow links. They have an influence on the search ranking.

Next, there are inbound and outbound links. Inbound links are backlinks, that are from other websites referring to your website. Like on the 1st example, I had an inbound link from Crunchbase. Outbound links are links on your website referring to other websites. I could put here a link to blogging referring to a Wikipedia article. Last but not least to confuse you more, there are also internal links. Those links refer to another blog article on the blog. Later there are internal links referring to other related blog articles of mine. External links are like outbound links. These are links on your website referring to other websites.

To get links your content should be so good, that other webmaster wants to refer to your content. Guest blogging is also a way to build links, but it is more artificial than natural. Social media does play a role in SEO, but not that much, but the more your content/website get shared/followed the better it is. Social bookmarking sites are helpful too: Stumbleupon. Hint: That was an external/outbound link. So that was a quick introduction to offsite SEO. I hope, I could clarify a little bit. If not, feel free to contact me.

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What is ICO?


What is ICO?

ICO also known als crowd sale, token sale or crowdfunding is smilar to IPO, but you don’t get shares. Instead you get cryptocurrencies with the possibility to get dividends like the coin Dash does. It’s a way to raise money for your startup to be able to run this project, you are raising for. Unlike IPO it is not regulated, so the failure rate is pretty high. Some says, that on the long run only 10% of the cryptocurrencies will survive. The 1st ICO ever was in 2014, where Ethereum could raise about $2,2m. Last year was a popular year for ICOs, because there were more than 1000s new ICOs. Unfortenately about 50% of it already failed. It also happened sometimes, that those ICOs were scams, where the scammer collected the money and just ran away. That’s why in the US, EU and South Korea they plan to regulate it. China even banned it. Most recently Telegram could raise about $850b for its ICO. Some are speculating, that Amazon would do its own ICO, which would have a way bigger impact on the cryptocurrency market.

On their website you can see the team members sometimes with its advisors. From there you can have an impression, whether they might be able to push through their project. Besides there is a also a white paper describing their project more deeply with a roadmap to see their plan for the future. Most of them are based on Ethereum blockchain with ERC20 standard. To be able to take part in it, you mostly have to buy Ethereum or Bitcoin. With your Ethereum coins you will buy their cryptocurrencies. For example 1 Ethereum is worth 1000 ICO cryptos. So you don’t directly buy their cryptocurrencies with fiat money like $ or €, but you have to buy with another cryptocurrency instead.

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What is Blockchain?


What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a technology, which Bitcoin is based on. Although this technology started with Bitcoin, it can be applied to many other areas e.g. real estate instead of only banking. You wouldn’t need a notary any more to purchase properties. It can safe you many thousands of €. Why? Because Blockchain is a decentralized database also known as ledger, which doesn’t need intermediaries or 3rd parties to do transactions. That’s why the slogan is „Be your own bank“ to have more control over your money. The decentralization makes it less manipulable and more secure from cyber attacks.


So basically you transfer money directly to the other person. The transactions are summarized with a hash stamp on it. Today it is about 1100 transactions per block on average.  The hash has a similar function of a mailbox’s label as an example. It just looks totally different like a code with combination of numbers and letters based on a special algorithm. As soon the block got a hash stmapEvery block will be extended by another block like a chain. That’s why it is called blockchain. Each block’s weight about 1 kilobytes, so with the current weight of the whole bitcoin’s blockchain of roughly 150GB, there should be at least 150m blocks out there. Which also means, there are at least 150b transactions right now.

Block 2

This blockchain is decentrally stored in many computers. This kind of computer is also called nodes. Besides the blockchain is transparent, because it is public, which mean everyone can have a look at it. In order to run the blockchain, you would need many computers to run. It is also called as mining. Those miners will get bitcoins as rewards. For each block the miners get 12.5 BTC as a reward. It will cut in half in about 2020 to 6,25 BTC. It’s also called a proof of work method, but it is time and electricity consuming. That’s why Bitcoin is only able to do 7 transactions per seconds. Each transactions consume roughly as much electricity right now as a house for 1 week. Proof of stake doesn’t require miners. That’s why is less power consuming. For example the altcoin Dash is based on it. It requires „stakeholders“ instead. In this case it means, how many cryptocurriencies someone has. The more stakes someone has the higher the rewards, which is quite similar to stocks with its dividends.

The blockchain’s scope is massive right now, because it can use smart contracts, which is able to replace normal paper contracts, which also means an attorney is not needed any more. That’s why it is regarded as a disruptive technology, which is able to disrupt the banking industry, real estate industry, logistics and may more. Let’s see how this technology will go on.

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What is SEO?


What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engines are a software, that searches the World Wide Web for the keyword you’ve typed in. The most popular one is Google, but there are many other search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Baidu etc. So SEO means, that you optimize your ranking on search engines, but who wants to be ranked high on search engines? Webmasters, Business owners, freelancers, startups, companies etc. are interested in SEO to get traffic, customers and sales, but most importantly it is sustainable.

wikipedia traffic

Here is an example to show you, how important SEO is. The website wikipedia.org has about 2 billion monthly web visitors and most of them through search. Not through social media marketing. No through Email marketing. Not through online ads like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads etc., but through search. So people find the website wikipedia.org through search engines. Just to give you a rough idea, how important SEO is. You get targeted traffic regularly every month without doing anything any more. So it’s passive traffic. You just have to put the initial effort in the beginning.

The higher you are ranked, the more traffic you will get. The good thing is, that those traffics are free and even targeted, because you are ranked on specific keywords. This kind of traffic you get this way is also called organic traffic. People click more on the search engine results than on ads. The reason behind it is, that the website is already regarded trustful and useful by the search engine. It is already prechecked, so the users can trust that website too. If you want to know, how keyword research works, read this: Why keyword research? The paid version is SEA, which is making an advertisement on Google. The good thing here, that it works instantly. Everything that drives traffic to your site increases your ranking, but if you don’t advertise any more, the traffic will decrease also instantly.

SEO is divided into 2 parts. The first one is called onsite/onpage SEO and the other one is called offsite/offpage SEO. Onsite means, that you make your Website easy for search engines to find it. So it is more technical. For example the alt tags of your page, your website performance, responsiveness etc. The offsite version is everything external from your website. The most popular one are backlinks. Backlinks refer to your Website, which is an indicator for Google, that your Website has a good reputation. The more backlinks you, the better it is, but not only quantity is an indicator for Google. Also the quality of the backlinks. It is determined by the Domain Authority.

International money

Social media plays also an important role. The more shares, likes and comments you have, the higher you will get ranked on search engines. My blog article about money as a sample has over 500 shares, which is impressive. It gives you a social proof and it also shows you, which topic your reader is more interested in. You can read this article here. Maybe you want to share it too. Haha. Social media platforms are e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. SEO takes much time, because it takes time to build reputation, but when you are highly ranked, you will get free and targeted traffic regularly. Once your reputation is established, you will get those traffic on the long run, but how long does it take to get ranked high on Google? It takes weeks even months until you get ranked on the first page of the search engine, if you do the right thing. You also can optimize your ranking on Video platforms like Youtube. The paid advertisement works instantly, but if you don’t advertise any more, there won’t be any traffic. In general there about 200 factors, that can have an influence on your search ranking, but one of the most important factors is content, which belongs to onpage SEO and backlinks, which belongs to offpage SEO. In the end, it is also receommendable to do a SEO audit.

How to do SEO

And here is a quick summary of SEO.

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