Speed Dating

Speed Dating

This article is for Singles, who wants to find a partner. It is about Speed Dating. An effective and efficient way to find you (life, sport …) partner. The way how Speed Dating works will be described and the best way to make a conversation in this kind of event will be explained: Speed Dating

Now, you know everything about Speed Dating, you are well prepared for it. Speed Dating is all over the world like New York, London, Stuttgart and Ho Chi Minh City too: Speed Dating Ho Chi Minh City

Pub Crawl Worldwide


Pub Crawl is a Club Tour for Tourists, Expats, New-in-Town People etc.

A good opportunity to meet new people and have fun together!



Czech Republic

  • Prague: Everyday: 1 hour unlimited drinks. 20€. Pub Crawl Prague                  Note: The most crowded Pub Crawl I’ve ever seen. Nice 🙂
  • Brno: ???. 1 hour unlimited drinks. 20€. Pub Crawl Brno





More to come …