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International money

Wherever you travel, when you transfer money internationally, there will be 2 types of fees. The 1st one is the oversea transfer fee and the 2nd one is the exchange rate fee. With this special service, you can save up to 80% of those fees and it is pretty fast. I’m using it and it took 2 business days from Germany to Vietnam to transfer it. On top of that the 1st 500GBP, it is even free. Check it out: Transferwise

Secrets of the Super Elites | rich, money, elite, work

rich, money

The Super Elites earn their money differently than any others. Better to be a Super Elite than just an Elite. Here is an article, where it is described in more detail for your inspiration: Secrets of the Super Rich

Passive Income | Passive income, making money

Passive Income is making money (almost) without working. In this article below there are few examples. One of them is renting out properties. That’s what I’m doing right now and I make like 2000€ a month by renting out of flat in Stuttgart, which is a double market price. A convenient way to make extra money: Passive Income

You can buy an E-Book with step by step guide on how to rent out a property with maximum profit.