American Dream

American Dream

American Dream

It existed since it becomes a nation in 1776, that all men are created equal with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Nowadays, it is also known from dishwasher to millionaire, which implies, that regardless of the background, everyone can achieve the dream through hard work. Maybe that’s why the US the world immigration country, because it is not the case in other countries. For example Fred DeLuca. At that time he was 17 years old and he wanted to attend college. To be able to pay tuition fees, he came up the idea to sell sandwiches. At that time he sold 50 cents for each sub and he could sell many hundreds per day. Now according to Subway is the world largest restaurant chain. So no prior work experience or knowledge about the industry. He could make it. Here is another success story. Colonel Sanders opened his first franchise in 1952. At that time he was 62 years old. Better to late than nothing. Now it has over 20k franchises worldwide. That’s the spirit. From nothing to everything.


Because the gap between rich and poor is really big, some people call it American illusion instead of the American Dream. According to CNN Money over 50 million households can’t afford basics like rent and food. Another example is, that Walmart’s CEO earns over 1000 times more than regular worker earning about 20k USD per year. Considering the high living cost in the States a salary with 20k USD per year will you get nowhere. That’s why, they struggle to buy bread and water. That’s fact. The only way to become really rich, is to become an entrepreneur. Here is an article about, how to get really rich. A 9 to 5 jobs won’t make you really rich with a few exceptions like CEOs. US Americans cherish entrepreneurship. That’s why, they are ready to invest into startups. Not a little bit with millions of USD. For example YouTube. During its beginning in 2005, it received 11.5 million USD from a venture capitalist. And there you see. After 1 year, it got bought for $1.65 billion. For sure there is a downside of entrepreneurship. Even a big one. Over 90% of startups will fail on the long run, but US Americans regard people still trying out entrepreneurship as courageous, which is not the case in other countries. Although US is also known as a land of opportunities, it only rewards business people financially and not a regular worker.

If you want to try your luck to realize your American Dream, your best bet is to have a business mindset and the urge to make money like Fred DeLuca had or the urge to change the world like Steve Jobs had. I hope, you like this article. To stay up to date. Just like my Facebook Fanpage: The Doan’s Blog. Further reading: What is SEO? Most popular blog article: International money.

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